Sunday 16 October 2016

Best travel itinerary for Goa Tour From Pune

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Day 1

Upon arrival in Goa,  drive to the hotel pre-decided for your stay. Starting  with your 7 day long excursion, laze on the sandy beaches of Goa. The most popular among them are 
  • Calangute Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Dona Paula Beach
Following a leisurely day on the Goa beaches, it’s tie for you to savor some lip-smacking delicacies. Goa is quite popular for its seafood such as oysters, lobsters, prawns and crabs. They are used for making a variety of curries and pickles. 

Day 2

On the day 2, you will explore the magnificent churches of Goa. The main churches that you will visit include 
  • Church of St. Francis of Assissi
  • Chapel of St. Francis Xavier
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
Goa is home to some spectacular temples such as Shri Mahalsa Temple, Shri Ramnath Temple and Shri Saunsthan Goudpadacharya Temple. Goa is a destination where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Day 3

If you are looking for a stunning sandy beach, warm waters and waves, Palolem Beach, South Goa is the perfect venue. This beautiful part of Goa, has beach hut accommodation, restaurants/bars along the water and of course the beach itself. The sandy beach is perfect to lay out in and have a cocktail while you relax and look toward the ocean. The water is amazing because it has a pleasantly warm temperature in which you can soak in all day long!

Day 4

A large chunk of Goa’s landscape is occupied by a variety of flora and fauna species. There is a total of 6 wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. Here is the list  of wildlife sanctuaries you will visit in Goa: 
  • Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
Following the wildlife excursion, visit one of the shacks located alongside the beaches and experience the pulsating nightlife of Goa.